DFN <dfn> Tag


HTML DFN <dfn> tag is also called as HTML definition tag as it is used to define the term in an HTML document. The content of the tag is shown in italic In the browser.

The <dfn> tag comes in pairs; the content is written between the opening (<dfn>) and the closing (</dfn>) tags.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML DFN Tag</title>
<h2>Example of dfn Tag</h2>
<p><dfn>HTML</dfn> is a markup language for creating web pages.</p>


Identified with the following rules:

  • On the off chance that <dfn> has a title trait; this current credit's worth is viewed as the term which is being characterized. The content inside the component can be a shortened form (likely utilizing <abbr>).
  • On the off chance that <dfn> has just a single youngster component which is a component with a title property, and the <dfn> component doesn't have its content substance, at that point the exact estimation of the title of <abbr> will be the term being characterized.
  • On the off chance that this isn't the situation, the content substance of <dfn> is the term that is being characterized.

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