HTML SMALL Tag || Small Tag in HTML

HTML SMALL <small> Tag


HTML SMALL <small> tag used to decreases the text font size by one size smaller the document's base font size. (Such as large to medium, medium to small, etc.). The HTML <small> tag usually contains the items of secondary importance such as copyright notices, side comments, or legal notices, etc.

The <small> tag comes in pairs,the content is written between opening (<small>) and closing (</small>) tags.


<small> content goes here.. </small>


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML SMALL Tag</title>
   color: green;
   color: blue;
   color: red;
 <h2>Example of small tag</h2>
 <p class="normal">This is normal font size....
   <small class="smaller">It is smaller than previous...
   <small class="smallest">It is smallest.</small>


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