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ADDRESS (<address>) Tag

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The <address> tag specifies the author's contact information.

The <address> provides contact information about the author of the section or documents i.e. a postal address, and e-mail address, telephone number, city, or country, etc.

In HTML 4.01 <article> tag is not supported so it is very important to use <address> tag to define contact information. Important attributes like global and event also support (<address>) Tag.

Browsers Support:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

ADDRESS (<address>) Tag

ADDRESS (<address>) Tag

ADDRESS (<address>) Tag

ADDRESS (<address>) Tag


<!DOCTYPE html>  
<title> address Tag </title>
<h2> Address tag example </h2>
Ms Jai <br>
<a href=""></a><br>
107 Coding Tag<br>
Delhi , India<br>
+91 0000 00 0000


ADDRESS (<address>) Tag


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