DEL (<del>) Tag

by Lalita 22-Jun-19

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HTML <del> tag is typically used for representing deleted/removed (a part of the text that was deleted) text from current document.

<del> tag is used to make strike-through texts and also specify texts that is going to be modified.

The HTML <ins> tag is used for inserted text from current document.

<del> or <ins> tag always comes in pair.

The <del> or <ins>  tag is supported in all major browsers.

Browsers Support:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

DEL (<del>) Tag

DEL (<del>) Tag

DEL (<del>) Tag

DEL (<del>) Tag


<p>We are <del> very </del> <ins> extremely </ins> happy that you visited this page.</p>
<h2> Example of Del Tag </h2>
<title>Del tag</title>
<!DOCTYPE html>


DEL (<del>) Tag


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