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ABBR (<abbr>) Tag


The <abbr> tag is used for both abbreviations as well as acronym (full-text explanation). The abbr element is one of the phrase elements in HTML.

Inside of <abbr>, a short form of phrasing content with a title attribute is written. In some browsers, the attribute of this tag is not visible, but still, it works.

This tag is used in search engine optimization and its associative technologies. In SEO, it is used through the title attribute.

We can recognize the use of <abbr> Tag with the help of a dotted underline in the output text.

Browsers Support:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Abbreviation Tag </title>
<h2> Abbreviation tag example </h2>
<p> <b> Hover mouse over the content and see the abbreviation </b> </p>
<abbr title="World Wide Web"> WWW </abbr>



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