HTML TFOOT Tag || Tfoot Tag in HTML

HTML TFOOT <tfoot> Tag


The HTML TFOOT <tfoot> tag represents the footers within an HTML table mean footer content in an HTML table. The <tfoot> tag must contain one or more <tr> tag. This is the block of rows that consist of the column summaries for the parent <table> element.

The <tfoot> tag is used as a child tag of HTML table (<table>) along with <thead> and <tbody> tag, where <thead> defines table header and <tbody> defines the table body.

You must be used in the following context: As a child of a <table> element, after any <caption>, <colgroup>, <thead>,  and <tbody> elements.


The <tfoot> tag is written as <tfoot></tfoot> with the table footer inserted between the start and end tags.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Tfoot Tag</title>
 <h2>Example of Tfoot Tag</h2>
<table border="1">
<th>Email Id</th>
<td>Total Emp</td>


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