Menuitem Tag in HTML || HTML MENU ITEM Tag

HTML MENUITEM <menuitem> Tag


The HTML MENUITEM <menuitem> tag describes an item in a menu. It's mostly used to raise pop-up menus applying HTML. It is a new element for HTML 5 specifications.

<menuitem> tag drawback is that it is not supportive in any browser. The only browser Firefox will make it correctly.

In Firefox it can only use <menu> type attribute to context.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Menuitem Tag</title>
   menuitem {
    display: block;
  <h2>Menuitem Tag Example</h2>
   <menuitem>ol – called ordered list</menuitem>
   <menuitem>ul – called unordered list</menuitem>
   <menuitem>menu – menu</menuitem>


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