HTML S Tag || S Tag in HTML

HTML S <s> Tag


HTML S <s> tag is used to represent the range of content that is no longer accurate or relevant in some way. It is similar look like the <del> tag which is used to identify document edits. Default, browsers render the contents of a <s> Tag with a strikethrough.

We can not use the <s> tag to define a deleted text, use the <del> tag for that purpose. The <s> tag comes in pairs, the content is written between the opening (<s>) and the closing (</s>) tags.


<s>content goes here</s>


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML S tag</title>
  color: green;
<h2>Example of s tag</h2>
<p><s>Codingtag is the website covering technical technologies.</s></p>
<p>Codingtag is the E-learning website covering all latest trending technologies.</p>
<p><b>Note:</b> Do not confuse with del tag and s tag as del is used for the text<br>
which is deleted or removed from document and s represent the text which is no longer accurate.</p>


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