HTML SELECT Tag || Select Tag in HTML

HTML SELECT <select> Tag


HTML SELECT <select> tag is define to create a drop-down list with multiple options. The <option> tag is nested within <select> tag for defining options in a list. The first option from the options list is selected by default. To change the predefined option selected attribute is used.

The <optgroup> tag can be used for grouping related options in a list. The content of <optgroup> looks like heading in bold.

The content is written between opening (<select>) and closing (</select>) tags. A closing tag is mandatory.


<select> content goes here.. </select>


<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>HTML Select Tag</title>
 <h2>Example of Select Tag</h2>
   <label>Choose your Favourite city in India</label>
 	<option>New Delhi</option>


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