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HTML FRAME (<frame>) Tag


HTML FRAME <frame> tag is used to divide a webpage into multiple sections or frames within a <frameset>. Each frame can contain different web pages. Every individual <frame> in a <frameset> use different attributes, like scrolling, border, the ability to resize, etc.

This tag has been removed in HTML5 and it should not be used anymore. You can use HTML <iframe> tag  instead of this. It is not used by the modern web page of HTML because of its required Start and end tag.

As it always comes with <frameset> tag so there is no need to use <body> Tag for this.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Frame tag</title>
<frameset cols="20%,30%,50%">
<frame src="f1.html">
<frame src="f2.html">
<frame src="f3.html">


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