What You Need to Know about Dream Design Property (Zaki Ameer)

What You Need to Know about Dream Design Property (Zaki Ameer)

by Devender

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Founder of Dream Design Property, Zaki Ameer, is the man behind the company reviewed here. There have been complaints about their mentorship services online, so here is the lowdown.

Dream Design Property (Zaki Ameer)

As an Australian, I started this blog many years ago. An independent source offers consumers the chance to get the facts. Despite the sugar coating and negativity, you should remove them. Even though I am an optimist, it is also easy for me to smell BS.

Since I am a fellow investor, I have noticed that property investment returns are rather low. I want to improve my investment returns so I've looked for a better method. They were there! Thousands of Australians have been helped by my free training course. I'll speak to you about it later.

  • A look at the work of Zaki Ameer
  • Through the years, I've gained a great deal of knowledge about Zaki. Nathan Birch was a familiar face to me before he became internet famous. When he first bought the properties, he only had a few. It was a different time then.

    It appeared that Zaki had a good reputation. People appreciated his work in the realm of real estate and property investing, and it was well known that he performed those services. Moreover, this was not his first time finding good results. The go-getter attitude he brings to his role really makes a statement.

    After some time, however, there was some negative press about Zaki Ameer. There are several people who owe money and haven't received any of it. Despite not usually listening to journalism, I was pleased to see Zaki on A Current Affair.

  • This review covers Dream Design Properties
  • Sydney-based consulting firm Dream Design Do specializes in providing long-term strategy and mentoring for commercial property investors and developers. The Dream Design Property has received a lot of five-star reviews from its clients. Several complaints were also received.

    After researching Dream Design Property reviews, the following reviews caught my attention:

  • You really have a chance to succeed with their long-term plans (20 years and beyond)
  • We will tailor our services to the goals and needs of each family
  • If you decide not to proceed with the purchase (but will you get a refund? ), you will have to deal with the hassle
  • DDP services are mentioned positively by David Kochie
  • There has been much coverage of property in mainstream media and publications
  • They can provide you with free property advice right now
  • Many educational opportunities are offered for free

  • Creating digital assets
  • In my opinion, the best digital assets are those that are digital. The Australian property market is right now declining and consumer confidence is low, so I have found this to be a better source of cash flow than the Australian property market. Right now you need to rethink your approach.

    This has awoken tens of thousands of Australian property investors. Even though Dream Design Do has a good business strategy, they make little money. Although most people would like to leave their job within two or three years, they cannot seem to pull it off. I got lucky this time!

    Through my inspiration, thousands of people have embarked on new adventures. You can learn more about it by taking our FREE online training course. The service is already popular in Australia and New Zealand, making it easy for beginners to use. Just enter your email address to access the 4 modules, and your email is safe. Your word is your bond.

    I would like to conclude by making a few remarks

    Despite its good reputation, Dream Design Do needs to upgrade its performance.

    Property mentoring companies should not receive as many complaints as they do. Several dozens, and the percentage is much higher than it should be. There is a likelihood of minor setbacks when a business operates at this scale. Client satisfaction cannot be guaranteed at 100%.

  • What do you think of Zaki?

As you have been provided with information, it is up to you to make a decision. Happiness and dissatisfaction are equally common among humans.

It appears that Dream Design is committed to serving customers across Australia, despite its poor press history.

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