Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader

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Often we come across videos while scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook that we like a lot but when we try to find them again, it just seems to hide from us. It often leaves us in discomfort to not find something that we were so eager to find. So, what can one do about it?

Well, the answer is simple; download the video and watch it whenever you want. Now, you must be wondering how it can be done and is it really possible? Don’t worry! We got you covered with the help of Facebook Video Downloader. Today, we will demonstrate how you can download any video from Facebook. So, hang on, and let’s get started.

How to download Facebook videos?

Facebook doesn’t have any official way to let you download any video. Although, it provided an option "Save" to let you save the videos that you like. It seems good as long as the video doesn’t get removed by the owner. So, we came up with the best way to save the videos you like. Just follow these steps to download any video.

1 Play the video.

The first step is to click on the video you wish to download. When the video starts playing, you will get to move ahead.

2 Click on the three-dot icon.

On the right side of your screen, you will find the "" icon. Click on this icon to open the options menu related to the video.

3 Choose the "Copy link" option.

From the options menu, choose the "Copy link" option. The link to the video will be copied to your clipboard which you will need in the next step.

4 Go to www.fbdown.net.

Now visit the www.fbdown.net website by clicking on this link. It will directly take you to the desired website.

5 Paste the link and click on "Download".

Now, paste the copied link in the given space.

Once you have pasted the link to the video, you need to click on the "Download" option next to it.

6 Choose Quality.

You are required to choose the quality of the video you are about to download. Choose from Normal quality and HD quality whichever suits you best.

7 Press "CTRL+S" on your keyboard.

After selecting the quality, your video will start playing. In this window, strike the "CTRL+S" keys from your keyboard. Now, choose the file/folder where you want to save this video and your video will be downloaded.

Following these easy steps will let you download any video from Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social media site and there are millions of videos uploaded on it daily. On the off chance, a user decides to download one of those videos and can’t find the option to do it, then, they will be roaming on the internet to find a way to download videos from Facebook.

There are too many bogus websites that only exist to steal your data one way or another. There is always a chance that you might also run into such a website. That’s why we found the easiest and trust-worthy website for downloading any video from Facebook. You can download any number of videos by following this guide. So, take the step and download all the videos you always wanted to save. If you like this guide, then please share it and subscribe to our free newsletter.

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