How Your Small Business Can Use Video Marketing To Increase Revenue

How Your Small Business Can Use Video Marketing To Increase Revenue

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Every few years, the internet evolves, and a new form of content dominates the market. At first, it was emails, then blogs, and later social media. Today every company is a content company, and every content creator depends on videos.

How Your Small Business Can Use Video Marketing To Increase Revenue

Videos are soon becoming synonyms to online content. With rising internet speeds, phone access, and the cheap cost of video creation - there is no reason to ignore this powerful medium.

Especially for small businesses, the aim is to draw more reviews with the most viable options available. And videos attract more than 75% of viewers online, be it social media, websites, search engines, or email.

Here are some of the best ways your small business can ensure better interaction with the power of video marketing:

  • Better Search Ranking
  • Merely the use of video can ensure your brand shows up higher on a search result. This works primarily in two ways.

    1 Firstly, when a video is embedded on a page, this works to the advantage of a search algorithm. You can enhance the chances of your page ranking higher on Google by 50X simply by having a video embedded on it.

    2 Additionally, a video platform like Youtube is today the second most popularly used search engine. People are better inclined to search for a video as a source of information and entertainment; than depend on text-based content.

    For example, some of the most searched headings on Youtube are How-To Videos. Creating more of this content with that heading will allow more users to reach you.

  • Enhance Product and Brand Image
  • The end goal of any brand is to bring more eyeballs to the product and the brand. Additionally, a visitor on your profile must understand your product better to convert them into a buyer. And there is no better tool than video for this.

    About 75% of viewers on a website product video are likely to convert into buyers. This value shows the significance of the video medium for small businesses.

    Create videos that explain the working of your product, put forth examples that show it has a perfect match, and highlight its critical significance. Your product videos should be short, to the point, and informative.

    In the digital age, a brand video is also very essential. Videos focus on your company, the making of the product, the people who make it possible, and much more.

  • Social Media Is Now Video First
  • A recent announcement by Instagram has reaffirmed that they no longer identify as a photo-sharing application. The demand for video content has taken over the way most social media platforms work today.

    With channels like Reels on Instagram and Facebook watch -- it's evident that video content is the only way forward. The users on social media also interact more with video content when compared to other formats.

    Statistics also show that posting a video helps you reach the top of the feed. Users are also more likely to stop and watch a video for their auto-play features.

    A passive feed like Reels and Youtube Shorts is also adequate. These are self-generated based on the user's interests; this pushes more video content to the users. Being a combination of audio and visual mediums, they also possess better storytelling potential.

  • Better ROI
  • Creating videos has never been easier. Online tools have made this process much more manageable. Such an online editor comes with a simple drag and drop interface that allows anyone with minimal skills to make videos.

    A survey has shown that consumers are forty percent more likely to invest in a product when sold to them on their mobile devices using videos. Video markets have also noticed higher growth after using video marketing, thus enhancing the company's revenue.

    One does not need to invest in expensive equipment and tools to ensure the contest flow of videos. A simple phone camera and an online editor can do the task.

    Similarly, the cost of content creation today is much lower than the cost of paid accusations. Methods like Search engine marketing all come down to a bidding war, and Pay-per-click formats. This amount could become very high for a small business.

  • Videos for Marketing Automation
  • It's apparent that videos are a medium that draws a lot of eyeballs. Additionally, the data collected from videos is also essential for markets to run marketing automation and data-driven marketing.

    A lot of marketers' time is spent creating audience segmentation, which becomes the basis of targeted ads.

    For example, consider a product video that explains a solution to a problem. If a user has seen the video to the end, they create a segment that might buy your product. The same segment is later targetable for sale.

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Before you start your video journey; here are a few helpful tips to ensure better results:

  • Keep the first few seconds of a social media video as informative as possible. This introduction will lead them to consume more. Also, consider how to grab their attention without audio.
  • Remain multi-channeled. Do not put all your videos on just one platform—Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook -- tailor-made for all platforms.
  • Do not forget the finer details like meta-data, thumbnails, captions, titles, and much more.
  • Create a combination of both short and long-form video content. This helps you reach a more diverse audience pool; also works better for the search algorithm.
  • Don't be just a brand. Add a face to your videos. This process helps to install more trust in the users and allows users to back you further.

  • In Closing

If you are still on the fence about using video marketing, you must know that it's the need of the hour. Video traffic alone makes up for 80% of the content consumption on the internet in 2021.

If you are yet to embrace video marketing, this is the ideal time to jump on the bandwagon because marketing is all about catering to the audience's needs.

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