How to delete Snapchat Account

How to delete Snapchat Account

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Snapchat is a messaging app commonly used for sharing short stories or photos with your contacts. One of the best features that it provides is your messages are only available for a short time to the recipient. It has very simple use but most people still find it difficult to understand.

Snapchat is a different kind of messaging app where you have to talk using photos mainly that is why many people feel that Snapchat is of no use to them. If you are also one of them who doesn't find any use of Snapchat and want to delete your account from it. Then, you are at the right place. We will help you in deleting your Snapchat account once and for all.

How to delete a Snapchat Account?

Deleting your account from the Snapchat app on your mobile is not possible. You have to do it from a browser on your phone or desktop.

1 Visit

Visit from any browser on your desktop or mobile phone.

2 Go to the "Support" button.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find the "support" button under the "Community" section in the second row from the left.

3 Go to the "My Account & Security" option.

After clicking the "Support" button, a new window will open in front of you. You will find the "Account & Security" section in this new window. Click on it for the next step.

4 Click on the "Account Information" button.

In the "Account & security section", you will find the "Account Information" button on top of the list. Click on it to move further.

5 Select the "Delete my account" option.

Move to the "Delete my account" option in the "Account Information" section.

6 Click on the "accounts portal" link.

When you click on the "Delete my account" option, some information will be displayed on your screen.

In the second column under the "How to delete your Snapchat account" heading, you will find the "accounts portal" link. Click on this link to move on to the final step.

7 Enter your password.

Snapchat will ask you to enter your password again.

Once you enter your password here. Your account will be deactivated for 30 days.

During these 30 days, none of your friends will be able to see you. After completion of 30 days period, your account will be deleted for good. However, if you feel you made a mistake by deleting your account, you can get it back by just logging in again in the 30 days' time interval. Once this period is over, you cannot get that account back.

You can delete your Snapchat account in these few easy steps. If you find this information helpful, please share it and subscribe to our free newsletter.

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