EV SSL and Secure Site Pro: Features and Advantages

EV SSL and Secure Site Pro: Features and Advantages

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EV SSL and Secure Site Pro: Features and Advantages

SSL certificates at the most advanced level are Secure Site Pro with Extended Validation SSL certificates, as the name indicates. The extensive level of authentication that one needs to go through in order to obtain an SSL certificate ensures your organization's legitimacy even before those who aren't familiar with web security.

Your browser's green status is the clearest indication that the site is approved. The certification also displays your business name in the address bar on your site, enables you to display dynamic trust seals on your site, and allows you to advertise to your customers that your business is secure and validated.

Users can trust a business platform established and accredited by this security feature to transmit their confidential information securely online. It also gives them peace of mind that their personal details are secure. This allows visitors to feel confident that the website they are visiting has been meticulously tested.

  • What is the main advantage of Secure Site Pro with EV SSL?
  • Using Server Gated Cryptography (SGC), a Secure Site Pro certificate with an EV SSL certificate guarantees a high level of security to all website visitors, including those using nonstandard or older operating systems and browsers. The older and nonstandard browsers and operating systems won't even connect at the most advanced level of encryption even if Server Gated Cryptography SSL encryption is active. The Vulnerability Assessment Tool that comes with Secure Site Pro with EV SSL is also included.

  • What is a Vulnerability Assessment Tool?
  • We need to begin by understanding what 'Website Vulnerability' is. There are potential vulnerabilities on a website that may lead to its security being compromised. Hence, vulnerabilities can potentially allow the functionality or data of a Website to be manipulated, damaged, or compromised. There are hundreds to thousands of possible vulnerabilities on a typical Website or blog.

    You can then use this tool to identify the most exploitable weaknesses on the Web site of your customers and take action against them quickly. Some of its features include:

  • Every week, a vulnerability scan is run on the public-facing pages of the Web, the Web-based applications, the server software, and the network ports.
  • Reports that identify critical vulnerabilities that must be addressed right away, as well as informational items that are less hazardous.
  • To confirm that vulnerabilities have been fixed on a customers' website, you may want to rescan their site.

Security Site Pro features EV SSL. What are the main advantages of this?

1 As mentioned previously, online shoppers trust the green address bar to verify the legitimacy of a site. The address bar of your web browser displays your organization's name only when your SSL certificate has Extended Validation. The SL EV green bar increases your chances of getting online shoppers to enter their credit card information on your website. Secure Site Pro with an EV SSL Green Bar plays an important role in protecting consumers' financial information.

2 Norton Secured Seal - included with Secure Site Pro with the Extended Validation SSL certificate - can be viewed more than half a billion times daily on websites in 170 countries. In our Seal-in-Search program, Norton displays its secure seal next to your link on partner shopping sites, product review pages, as well as on browsers with a plug-in so your customers see that your website is verified and is more likely to convert.

3 Using vulnerability assessment and malware scanning daily, you can prevent hackers from accessing your site.

4 The Secure Site Pro software provides full business authentication. The application verifies that you are a business owner, that you own a domain name, and that you are authorized to apply. Your website visitors will be reassured by this as well.

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