5 Reasons to Protect PCB Components with Aluminium Enclosures

5 Reasons to Protect PCB Components with Aluminium Enclosures

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Our job at Polycase involves finding the right electronic enclosure for each of our customer's projects and environments. Enclosures are not created equal, after all.

5 Reasons to Protect PCB Components with Aluminum Enclosures

The type of case you need will depend on your application. Polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum die casting, extruded aluminum, and others might be appropriate. Printed circuit board enclosures (PCBs) protect your sensitive components, but we'll see the benefits of a Watertight extruded aluminum enclosure.

  • Where can I find extruded aluminum? What You Need to Know
  • Aluminum extrusion is a very reliable material, so what makes it so? Known as the world's most abundant metal, aluminum is a silvery-gray material that has thousands of applications in manufacturing. A die is used to shape material such as aluminum - or soap for that matter - and then the material is extruded. In order to create a certain shape or profile, the aluminum is pushed through the mold.

    This offers many advantages over other manufacturing techniques. These benefits include corrosion resistance, superior strength, a high strength-to-weight ratio (meaning it's strong but still relatively light), and a seamless, one-piece design that's easier to repair. Let's examine a few of these benefits to enable PCB components to be protected.

    1 All temperatures work with them

    Enclosures made of extruded aluminum are suitable for a wide range of environments. When left in the sun, the metal will stay in solid form, preventing your PCB components from being damaged by harsh sun rays. Even watertight gaskets are available in some extruded enclosures for added protection in outdoor environments.

    2 Interference Can Be Prevented

    It is better to use an aluminum design to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Are you familiar with aluminum foil-covered televisions or radio antennae? The reason for this is that aluminum absorbs signals very well. By doing so, they won't be able to reach your internal components.

    3 Internal Components Are Protected

    Regarding sensitive internal components, aluminum enclosures also provide excellent protection against UV rays, water, dust, and other environmental factors. Aluminum enclosures provide better protection against the elements due to their unique features. A grooved exterior design promotes quicker heat dissipation, while an IP66-rated gasket guard against dust and water sprayed from jets.

    4 Their parts are durable

    Among other things, aluminum is incredibly durable, so it is widely used. The combination of the extrusion process and the increased thickness and resistance to damage of the material ensures that it is very unlikely to crack or warp. In addition to diecast end caps, our enclosures are made of aluminum.

    5 Awe-inspiring features make them stand out

    In order to produce the best possible electronic enclosures, we take extra care. Our aluminum extruded boxes are popular because of their reliable features. There is a slot integrated into the enclosure that lets you easily slide your PCB into it. Moreover, the two end caps provide access to the inside components through two points of entry.

  • Let Us Help

Do you still have any questions about our aluminum extruded enclosures? You can always count on Polycase to help find the most appropriate enclosures for your needs. As well as aluminum extrusion housings, we also offer diecast aluminum enclosures which also have excellent advantages. Please contact us if you need assistance determining what option is best for your unique situation.

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