The technology behind PCB copy boards

The technology behind PCB copy boards

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The printed circuit board (PCB) consists of copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate with conductive tracks, pads, and other features on them.

The technology behind PCB copy boards

Single-sided PCBs (one copper layer), double-sided PCBs (two copper layers) and multilayer PCBs are available. In order to connect each layer of the circuit, plated-through holes called vias are used. On advanced PCBs, active components are embedded in the substrate - capacitors, resistors, and other devices.

  • Definition of a copy board for PCBs
  • PCB cloning, cloning circuit boards, reverse engineering, and PCB copy board are also terms that describe PCB copy boards. These electronic products have been in the news a lot in recent years as a result of a variety of methods being used to reverse the anti-product launch research PCB documents. We can then use these data to develop an analytical product that demonstrates technical principles and applied research, as well as proofing system boards, circuit board welding, electronic assembly, and generic processes to clone products.

  • A brief overview
  • In the industry, PCB copy boards are also known as circuit board clones, copy boards, PCB clones, and PCB reversed reverse design development. Although they are described in different ways by industry and academia, their definitions are not complete.

    From the PCB copy board laboratory in our country, we can learn a lot. Using PCB copy board technology, which includes physical and electronic circuit boards in kind, it is possible to transfer the original products PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) and schematics files, and other technical documentation to produce a 1:1 reduced screen printing production. These documents and files can then be used to create PCB production system boards, components, welding, flying probe testing, and circuit board testing, along with completing a complete copy of the original circuit board template.

  • A little background
  • The Eighties of the last century saw a variety of high-technology electronic products emerge from Western capitalist countries. The use of such products is very widespread.

    There is a monopoly on such products and a full range of technical solutions for the product developers. In some cases, companies manipulate their products to raise their prices in an attempt to maximize profits.

    Some companies try to break monopolies, profit from them, imitate them, doing the opposite of the research and analysis of these high-tech products, which is known as PCB copy board. An industry has emerged for PCB copy boards.

  • Development of the PCB copy board

In the 1980s, when China's academic community took off in the 1980s, the concept of copying PCBs and reverse engineering was born. PCB copy boards have become a service in the electronics industry and in research and development for core technologies. Copy boards of all kinds have been available everywhere recently, both at home and abroad.

As this industry develops and causes a widespread sensation in many areas of science and technology, a growing number of people are paying attention to it. By providing their services to the technology businesses, it will make them more competitive with large international companies. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, in particular, PCB copy boards are becoming more popular, and a PCB copy board technology research laboratory authority is emerging as well.

Disputes over PCB copies

Since the whole concept is reverse engineering, the board belongs to this category. In the development of the integrated circuit industry, the method of reverse engineering has been under debate extensively.

This is how manufacturers all over the world understand how their goods are developed. In the event that such behavior is strictly prohibited, it would negatively impact the progress of integrated circuit technology. Therefore, under certain conditions, countries must be considered exceptions to the legislation when it comes to this type of infringement.

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